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Rosalind Epstein Krauss () is an American art critic and theorist. . ( Brazilian Portuguese); “La escultura en el campo expandido”, in La. MACBA, Fern├índez Ordo├▒ez, J Acerca de los ingenieros y la naturaleza. Krauss, Rosalind La escultura en el campo expandido, in H. Foster. View Rosalind Krauss Research Papers on for free. Rosalind Krauss. Followers . La escultura en el campo expandido- Rosalind Krauss.

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Log In Sign Up. The Paradox of the Real in Art.

Failure and Error in Byzantine Manuscript Illumination. Studi sull’immagine in movimento. The post-display condition of contemporary computer art. Furthermore, this paper explores new practices in Computer Art and its related theorisation by Tanaka-Ishii and Dominic Lopes, with a expanddio to re-conceptualising the relationship between artistic intentionality, coding, interface and user input.


La escultura en el campo expandido- Rosalind Krauss by Jhon Anderson on Prezi

In these cases art criticism becomes a dialectic of reception and production, both constituted by and constituting its objects of study. This paper analyses the early years of the influential art journal October according to the thematic indicated above. Significant essays published between on the index, the expanded field of sculpture, allegory, and photography served as trajectories leading to a deeper understanding of postmodernism and an emergent generation of artists sceptical of lz late-modernist inheritance.

Adorno en de dialectiek van de beeldende kunsten.

Rosalind E. Krauss – Monoskop

Neo Marxistische Positionen zur Kritik der Gleichzeitigkeit. Escultura em Campo Ampliado – Rosalind Krauss.

Bonnie Bronson – Grids. A monograph reproducing a series by Bonnie Bronson of 10 small mixed-media drawings from the middle s. With an ej by Kassandra Kelly and an essay by Randal Davis.

This is a much-expanded version of the materials which This is a much-expanded version of the materials which accompanied the initial exhibition, inof this series of work. The series of drawings is reproduced full-size.


Amie Siegel’s work Provenance is considered in its relationship with Modernism by intertwining a close analysis of its form with Rosalind Krauss’s seminal work on the structure of the grid. A book review of “Art Since Ads help cover our server costs. Remember me on this computer.

Rosalind Krauss

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