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Followers, Following, Posts – See Instagram photos and videos from lmnop magazine (@lmnop_magazine). lmnop – laugh, make, nurture, organise, play. New online magazine lmnop is your quarterly dose of funky products, playful ideas, interviews. If you are new to LMNOP magazine download their current issue and get a load of the eye candy. It’s well worth a read – it’s also free! As well.

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I love their book-themed fashion section with children dressed as book characters! Find Iggy Peck my son is going to flip when he sees that he can actually dress like Iggy! Baby Kids Mama Maternity Teens. Comments 1 Emilie in Paris.

LMNOP Magazine Babyccino Kids: Daily tips, Children’s products, Craft ideas, Recipes & More

Will check out their newest edition for sure! Have you heard of this custom in Finland? I just read this article and had to share it! Every baby born in Finland receives a box from the state full of clothes, a sleeping ,agazine, accessories and toys. The box can then be used as a bed.


Everyone receives it, so it has become part of We are well and truly back to school over here in Paris. The long nights and slow mornings of the summer holidays are over.

LMNOP Magazine

It’s back to the real life routine. I just read this article and it really struck home with me.

As I have mentioned before, mornings are not our forte. Have you been following the Rosetta mission on the news lately?

I have been a bit obsessed in the last few days to see if the mission of landing an unmanned space craft on a comet that is about 6bn kilometres away from earth was going to work, so improbably and yet, somehow it landed!

Magazins thought it would be fun to share, just because this morning I had yet again the work clothes panic: My daily morning routine involves getting the kids Magazins to the children of my Anglo-Saxon friends, school seems to be so rigid over here.


One of the things I found unnecessarily strict here is the importance placed on handwriting.

Here is a typical situation in our household: I hear a little pair of feet running off toward the bathroom in a hurry and then there is silence. Approximately two minutes later the little feet run off again.

You’ll find a selection of family-friendly holiday destinations to kick-start your summer holiday planning, plus stylish travel essentials, holiday packing ideas and a fashionable photoshoot in sunny Palm Springs! In this month’s issue we’ve rounded Every year I promise myself I’ll be organised come the first day of school. I’ll be ready for early morning wake-ups and prepared for the rush to school.

But no matter my best intentions, I’m never ready.

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