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Jobs 1 – 10 of Apply to Handling Manual jobs now hiring in Lincoln LN4 on , the world’s largest job site. manual, please see our web site at Super Micro *The X9SCi-LN4 series motherboard supports 1U server platforms, and the X9SCA. Get Supermicro X8SIE-LN4 User’s and BIOS Manual (b). Get all Supermicro manuals!.

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The vendor assumes no responsibility for any inaccuracies that may be contained in this document,makes no commitment to update or to keep current the information in this manual, or to notify anyperson or organization of the updates.

For manhal most up-to-date version of thismanual, please see mahual web site at www. Super Micro Computer, Inc. San Jose, Lh4 U. Super Micro Computer B. They may manuaal from what you have. IntroductionChapter 1Introduction OverviewChecklistCongratulations on purchasing your computer motherboard from an acknowledgedleader in the industry.

Supermicro boards are designed with the utmost attention todetail to provide you with the highest standards in quality and performance. Please check that the following items have all been included with your motherboard. If anything listed here is damaged or missing, contact your retailer. All graphics shown in this manual were based upon the latest PCBRevision available at the time of publishing of the manual.

The motherboardyou’ve received may or may not look exactly the same as the graphicsshown in this manual. These features are supported by an onboardSystem Hardware Monitor chip. When the user presses anykey, the CPU will wake-up and the LED indicator will automatically stop blinkingand remain on. It supports USB 2. To prevent dampage to your system janual, it is important to handle it very carefully.

The followingmeasures are generally sufficient to protect your equipment from ESD.

Super Micro Computer, Inc. – Products | Motherboards | Xeon Boards | X8STi-LN4

Processor and Heatsink InstallationWarning: When handling the processor package, amnual placing directpressure on the label area of the fan. Always connect the power cord last and always remove it before adding,removing or changing any hardware components. Installation2Gently lift the load lever to open the load plate. Remove the plastic cap. Once aligned, carefully lower the CPU straight down to the socket. Do notdrop the CPU on the socket. Do not move the CPU horizontally or vertically.

CPU properlyinstalledLoad lever lockedinto placeWarning: The CPU will only seat inside the socket in one direction.

Place the heatsink on top of the CPU so that the four mounting holes arealigned with those on the Motherboard’s and the Heatsink Bracket underneath. Screw in two diagonal screws i. We do not recommend that the CPU or the heatsink be removed.


SUPER MICRO Computer X8STI-F User Manual

However, if you do need to uninstall the heatsink, please follow the instructions below to uninstall the heatsink to prevent damage done to the CPUor the CPU socket.

Unscrew the heatsink screws from the motherboard in the sequence as shownin the illustration below. Gently wriggle the heatsink to loosen it from the CPU. Refer to the layout on the rightfor the CPU Fan location. Make sure to orienteach fastener so that the narrow endof the groove is pointing outward. However, if you do need to remove the heatsink, please followthe instructions below to uninstall the heatsink and prevent damage tothe CPU or other components.

Active Heatsink Removal1Unplug the power cord from the powersupply. Check the Supermicro web site for recommended memory modules.

Inserteach DIMM module vertically into its slot. All other memory sizes, types, die, dens. Due to memory allocation to system devices, the amount of memory thatremains available for operational use will be reduced when 4 GB of RAM isused. The reduction in memory availability is disproportional. For Microsoft Windows users: Installation Motherboard InstallationAll motherboards have standard mounting holes to fit different types of chassis. Make sure that the locations of all the mounting holes for both motherboard andchassis match.

Supermicro X8STI-LN4 Manuals

Although a chassis may have both plastic and metal mounting fasteners, metal ones are highly recommended because they ground the motherboardto the chassis. Make sure that the metal standoffs click in or are screwed in lh4.

Image is for illustrationpurposes only. Your particularchassis may be different. Refer to the layout on theprevious page for mounting hole locations. Locate the matching mounting holes on the chassis.

Install standoffs in thechassis as needed. See the table at right for pindefinitions. USB Cables are not included.

See the tables on the right for pindefinitions. See the table onthe right for pin definitions. This connector is usedto provide video and CRT display. Refer to the board layout below forthe location.

Handling Manual Jobs in Lincoln LN4 – December |

InstallationFront Control PanelJF1 contains majual pins for various buttons and indicators that are normally located on a control panel at the front of the chassis. These connectors are designedspecifically for use with Supermicro server chassis.

See the figure below for thedescriptions of the various control panel buttons and LED indicators. Refer to thefollowing section for descriptions and pin definitions. Refer to thetable on the right for pin definitions.


Attach acable here to indicate HDD activity. See the table on the right for pindefinitions. Refer to manuaal tableon the right for pin definitions. ReferPin Definition kn4 the table on the right for pin definitions. Attach it to a thehardware Reset Button on the computercase. Refer to the table on the right forpin definitions. Installation Connecting CablesThis section provides brief descriptions and pin-out definitions mannual onboard headersand connectors.

Be sure to use the correct cable for each header or connector. These fans are 4-pin fan headers. However, Pins of the fan headers arebackward ,n4 with the traditional 3-pinfans. Refer tothe manuaal below for the locations ofthe Internal Buzzer. See the tableon the right for pin definitions. These headers are used to communicate with the enclosure managementchip in the system. Refer to theboard layout below for the locations ofthe headers.

See the table onPin Definition the right for pin definitions. Push the rear UID switch again to turnoff both Indicators. Installation Jumper SettingsExplanation of JumpersTo modify the operation of the motherboard,jumpers can be used to choose betweenoptional settings. Jumpers create shorts between two pins to change the function of theconnector. Pin 1 is identified with a squaresolder pad on the printed circuit board.

On two pin jumpers, “Closed”means the jumper is on and “Open”means the jumper is off the pins. Instead of pins, this “jumper” consists of contact padsto prevent accidental clearing of CMOS. To clear CMOS, use a metal object suchas a small screwdriver to touch both manuual at the same time to short the connection. Thedefault position is on pins 1 and 2 toenable SAS. See thetables at right for more information. When LE4 is on, theAC power cable is connected.

Make sure todisconnect the power cable before removingor installing any component. See the layoutbelow for mahual LED location. See the tables at right formore information. Seethe table on the right for pin definitions. See the table on theright for pin definitions. TroubleshootingChapter 3Troubleshooting Troubleshooting ProceduresUse the following procedures to troubleshoot your system.

Always disconnect the AC power cord before adding, changing or installing anyhardware components. Use the speaker to determine if any beep codes exist.

Refer to Appendix Afor details on beep codes. Remove all memory modules and turn on the system. If the alarm is on, checkthe specs of memory modules, reset the memory or try a different one.