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en una lista compleja (There are two facts to consider: first, the weather; .. – Locuciones preposicionales de evitación de la pasiva en tiempos. Listas, anuncios. Pan, vino Locuciones preposicionales: . Elige de la lista siguiente la palabra que mejor se ajusta a cada espacio en el texto X. Solo se. Home words · – Phrasal Verbs (español – ingles) · – Vocabulario de Ingles – Mega lista · – News · – Preposiciones y locuciones preposicionales · – Herramientas.

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Documents Flashcards Grammar checker. Busca con rapidez en textos extensos y complejos para localizar detalles relevantes.

Escribir descripciones y narraciones, como un viaje o una historia real o imaginada, y relaciones de experiencias describiendo sentimientos y reacciones, en textos estructurados y con cierto detalle. Curso preguntas complementarias de la audiencia, aunque puede que tenga que pedir que se las repitan si se habla con rapidez.

Desarrolla argumentos lo bastante bien como para que se puedan comprender sin dificultad la mayor parte del tiempo. Desenvolverse en transacciones comunes de la vida cotidiana como son los viajes, el alojamiento, las comidas y las compras.

Explicarlos motivos de un problema, discutir sobre los pasos a seguir, comparar y contrastar alternativas. Realizar breves comentarios sobre los puntos de vista de otras personas. Describir la forma de realizar algo dando instrucciones detalladas.

Yes, I am o What do you do? To believe, to be sure, to be certain, to hope, to know, to remember, to think, to wonder, to take into account belief, knowledge, opinion, thought, view no doubt to answer, to apologise, to ask, to forbid, to invite, to laugh, to recommend, to request, to say, to speak, to talk, to tell, to thank, to write, to discuss answer, question, statement, argument, discussion, communication o sentimientos: To like, to love, to hate, to loath, to detest, to hope, to be hopeful Happy, content, satisfied, pleasure, satisfaction, disappointed, fear, afraid, scared, frightened, excited, angry, furious disappointment, hope, excitement, anger o voluntad: To start, to move the car did not move to pass, to run, to stand still, to stop, to walk – adverbs away, back, down, in, out, to the left, to the right, straight on, up, east, north, south, west – prepositions across, along, down, for, from, into, off, past, through, to, towards, away from – verbs to bring, to carry, to follow, to pull, to push, to put, to send, to take, to take away to turn -From, out of as in He walked out of the house 8 Dpto.


Concesion though, although, despite, in spite ofin fact o 12 Dpto. Names loduciones occupations e. Names of occupational activities e.

Names of preposicipnales of character e. Names of types of eyes e. Names of types of faces e. TV-set, washing-machine, vacuum-cleaner, dishwasher, fridge, microwave, etc Types of accommodation un- furnished room Names of types of houses block of flats, country house, terrace house, semi-detached house, etc.

To show What films do they show in lisra cinema? Names of types of films e. Names of parts of a story e. Names of music players e.

Lecciones viejas

Names of public transport bus, coach, aeroplane, taxi, subway. Curso Names of high risk sports e. Curso Names of types of preposiionales for travellers e. Names of careers e. Qualifications Diploma Certificate Examination 27 Dpto. Names of food stuff e. Names of kind of meat e. Names of kind of fish e.

Names of fruits e.

programación nivel avanzado 2011-2012

Names of drinks e. To drink Names of beverages e. He is the owner of the restaurant. There is a cow in our garden eating the plants.

The train has left. He says the shop is shut. He asked where they were going. She told me to wait for her. Valetta is in Italy No, it isn’t. We didn’t go to London. You did go to London. They lost the match, didn’t they? When prpeosicionales the guests arrive? Preposiciomales is my purse? How do you make an omelette? How far is it to York? Why did you say that? Tell me where you have been – Seeking identification person who? I agree with you there.


No I don’t think so. You are wrong Not so. I don’t think so. I can’t remember where I put my handbag. I remember that he gave it back. I remember our holiday in Spain. Do you remember where you left it? Don’t preposiciona,es remember that he was there? Do you remember Capri? Have you remembered to feed the cat? Have you remembered her birthday? It is likely you will pass. That painting cannot be by Picasso.

Is the story likely to be true? ,ocuciones oil and water mix? Classical music need not be boring. Is that necessarily so? Must things be black or white? I am quite sure that Stalin died in With stressed do, be or auxiliary I did post the letter.

The translation seems to be correct. I don’t think he has lisat been here. I’m not quite sure, but I think he has already gone.

I wonder why they go to London by car. Are you sure the food is cooked? Do you think this is real silk?

Lecciones viejas – Learn Experiment

Must we fill in this form now? When do we have to leave?

I am able to ride a horse. John is unable to read yet. Can you speak Spanish?

Are you able to ride a horse? Photography is not permitted in the cathedral. Ball games are strictly prohibited. You must not be lazy. Is it all right if I smoke? I’d like to wash my hands. I want a cup of tea, please.

I want to go to the toilet, please. I want you to give up smoking. Please may I have a drink.

Can I have my bill, please? What would you like to do? Would you like a cake? Do you want to try the suit on? Is there anything you want? We are not thinking of retiring just yet.