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Donor challenge: Your generous donation will be matched 2-to-1 right now. Your $5 becomes $15! Dear Internet Archive Supporter,. I ask only once a year. Read me first “The destruction of Jerusalem was more terrible than anything that the world has ever witnessed, either before or since. Even Titus seemed to. Loraine Boettner – The Millennium – Free ebook download as PDF File .pdf) or read book online for free.

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The millennium

Refresh and try again. Open Preview See a Problem? Thanks for telling us about the problem. Return to Book Page. Preview — The Millennium by Loraine Boettner. The Millennium by Loraine Boettner.

This the Loraine Boettner’s excellent overview of Eschatology. Paperbackpages. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. To ask other readers questions about The Millenniumplease sign up.

Lists with This Book.

This book is not yet featured on Listopia. Aug 10, Dave Shulse rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: Dispensationalists, Premils and Amillenialists. Talk about opening up the Bible in new and grand ways! This was the predominate view of the Puritans and is so overlooked today. It millenhium a good successor to the great deal of time I have spent reading Puritan writings millejnium feeds the soul with hope that Christ rules all lorane his throne Today!

Deep exposition of eschatology. Walks through 3 major views Postmillennialism, Postmillennialism, Premillennialism. It opened my eyes to different interpretations. Author goes to the Bible to see what it really says, rather than what human interpretations say.

I especially liked the exploration of the Great Tribulation.

The author believes and makes a pretty convincing case for Postmil. He seems to fairly present the other views before explaining why they’re wrong. He spends most of book promot Deep exposition of eschatology. He spends most of book promoting Postmil view and tearing apart Premil view especially Dispensationalism ; doesn’t spend much time spent on Amil view. The author calls Amillennialism “a comparatively mild departure from that system [taught in Scripture], acknowledging the spiritual nature of the Kingdom … but failing to do justice to the glorious future that God has in store for this Kingdom,” specifically worldwide salvation.

The author says of Premillennialism that “the principle of literal interpretation which characterizes all types of Premillennialism leads to serious error. After reading it, I can understand how the Postmil view could arise from the Bible, but not the Premil view. Representative Theologians in the Different Systems Postmil: Augustine, Hodges Charles, Archibald A.

During Reformation and for long time after, held by only a few small sects considered heretical. World is eventually to be Christianized. Christ will return after a long period of righteousness and peace Millennium. Then will be general resurrection, general judgment, and introduction of heaven and hell in their fullness.


Not every person on earth will be Christian, but all forms of evil will be reduced to negligible proportions, and Christian principles will be rule. Vastness of the Redeemed Multitude Rev.

This doesn’t describe literal fighting; it describes conquest of Gospel. This is Romans 11 and 1 Cor 15 in symbolic form. Bible uses contrast to show that the saved will far outnumber the lost Luke Verses that make it sound like many more are lost than saved Matt 7: To read these as indicating numbers would be like inferring numbers from parables of Ten Virgins Matt 25 or Lost Sheep. It means Satan can no longer bind the nations, so world can be Christianized.

Material Prosperity During the Millennium There will be material prosperity during the Millennium, result of high moral and spiritual life.

Temporal blessings are prophesied in Is Christianity is to be controlling and transforming influence llraine only of moral millenniium of some, but also entire social, economic, and cultural life of nations. In Millennium, wolf and lamb will lie down together figuratively, meaning that things formerly antagonistic and hateful will work together. Desert will blossom literally, as economic and scientific conditions lead to development of natural resources and prosperous conditions, and figuratively, in moral improvement.

Poverty and ignorance will be largely eliminated, health and education will be general rule, and wealth will be vastly more abundant and more widely distributed.

The millennium (Book, ) []

Millennium will not involve a change in nature of Christianity, just a much wider extension. It’s result of long, slow process. We live in early dawn of Millennium. Thousand Years a Symbolic Figure The “thousand years” isn’t an exact measure, but a symbolical number. It’s probably not less than years, and probably much longer. A Final Apostasy or Rebellion Rev God may permit limited manifestation of evil just before end Rev 19to show mllennium that Devil and followers really are as bad as they’re said to be, and as deserving of punishment.

Thus Devil is given degree of freedom to gain some followers and make last attempt to destroy Kingdom. Final “war” Rev War against saints Rev Warfield didn’t believe in resurgence of evil at end.

He understood Rev Principles of Interpretation To literalize prophesies of second coming is to make same mistake Jews made in literalizing Messianic prophecies seeking an earthly kingdom and political ruler. That literalistic interpretation millennkum be right can be proved simply by extinction of nations referred to in Rev Paul spiritualized entire OT economy in Gal 3: Peter spiritualized OT and buried Jewish eschatology in 1 Pet 2: Nature and Purpose of Prophecy Primary purpose of prophecy is to inspire faith in those who see its fulfillment; secondary purpose is to inform of future.


Christ’s advent, character, ministry, sufferings, death, and glorification are predicted in OT in such a way that no one prior to fulfillment could read prophecies clearly. In same way, we can’t read end times prophecies clearly.

Tribulation Bible never loraije word “tribulation” to refer to period at end of age. It always refers to 1 suffering of Christians in this age most common2 suffering inflicted on rejectors of Christ, 3 suffering prophesied for Jews in past history. Daniel’s 70 weeks prophecy to be fulfilled during Christ’s public ministry, including abolition of Old Covenant, then breakup of Jewish economy with destruction of temple and Jerusalem in 70 AD.

He’s speaking to hhe generation Matt Jesus uses word “generation” to describe His contemporaries. Jesus said greatest tribulation of all time was to occur at siege of Jerusalem.

The Millennium

He wouldn’t have said, “no, nor ever shall be” Matt There were many false prophets and false Christs during siege of Jerusalem. During siege, there was famine, and inflated prices of wheat and barley.

Eagles in Matt Christians took the invasion as the bottner sign and fled to Pella. Gospels written before Jerusalem’s destruction Matthew, Mark, Luke contain prophecies of Great Tribulation; Gospel of John was written after destruction, and bboettner mention Tribulation.

Paul’s references to some falling away 1 Tim 4: Antichrist In verses that mention Antichrist noettner John 2: Mark of an antichrist is denial of Christ’s deity. No reference in Daniel, Ezekiel, Paul, or Revelation is connected with verses in John’s epistles that mention antichrist; connection is only inferred.

View of Amil and some Postmil that Antichrist will be political or religious leader shortly before Christ’s coming is also built on inference. Man of Sin was a Roman emperor, or line of emperors at that time.

Nero persecuted; Vespasian was called miracle-worker; Titus put his idolatrous insignia in Holy of Holies. That he sits in the temple means that this must have been fulfilled before temple’s fall in 70 AD. Destruction of “lawless one” in 2 Thess 2: Apostasy of 2 Thess 2: Coming with clouds is an OT expression for coming in judgment Is Darkening of sun, etc.


NT never speaks of Christ’s return as “second coming”; He comes in various ways and thhe all times. NT teaches Christ’s return is absolutely certain, not imminent. These close “this world” or “this age.

Amillennialism Dominant Reformed view.